Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bonneville Speedweek 2009

Welcome to the Team 777 2009 Speedweek blog. To see the pictures up close, just click on one, then use the back arrow to go back to the blog.

This is our pit area at the 4-mile marker so we can see the cars running at top speeds. It also happened to be where all the cars were spinning out.

Lots of hot rods on the salt this year.

Here I am pretending to be holding up the mountain.

Preparing the car for the first run.

The Driver's meeting on Saturday morning.

Ed Stoiber's 34 roadster.

Roy (dad) and me.

Shannon at the restaurant in our hotel.

Driver - Dennis McNeil

The Bucket Gang, Alan Miller, Carl, Dave McClelland, Roy, Herm Petersen, and Steve Gibbs.

In line to make a run.

Pat and Mike Kinne, top crew personnel.

Posing the car for proper photographs.

Roy and his race car.

Ready to go racing.

This is Butch.

Chico from Mooneyes ran just before our car.

Terry Nish's Streamliner

Dennis ready to run.

Mooneyes pushing off.

Pat and the starter guy.

Ready to push off.

In line - Kuhl, Fats and Carl visiting friends.

The most spectacular skies at the Salt Flats.

What a trio??

Art Chrisman and Mark Brinker. Mark recently purchased and is restoring the car that put Art into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club, the Beast III by Chet Hebert.

Behind our hotel, some cool cars.

Getting in line to race.

Seth Hammond's car

Dennis after qualifying for a record, went 271 MPH.

Umbrella girl, Shannon, in the impound area.

Art and Me.


Kenny Hoover.

Bobby, Dennis, Carl and Kenny.

Dennis and his dad, Donnie.

Record run morning at 6 am. Shannon and I.

Shannon and Carl.

Video after the record run.
Dennis after the record run, 275 MPH

Dennis and Roy.

Timing slip from first leg, 271 MPH at the 5 mile

Timing slip from the record run, 275 MPH in the 5 mile.