Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting Ready for Speedweek 2011

FINALLY! The car is being readied for Bonneville.
Roy is just used to being ready months in advance so this year
is sort of delayed, but everything is being done
and will be ready in time.

 While the motor is on the dyno at the engine builders,
the car takes a quick trip next door to Squeak's Metalworks,
 for some custom alterations.

Squeak, Roy, Sal and Cruz.

Roy (and I) get started installing the bellhousing and transmission.

We did it!

On Saturday, July 16th, the 777 Team put the engine
into the car.

Some drove from the Valley to Santa Ana, during Carmagedeon!
Made fastest time.

I was doing my Full-Bore assembly and packing work.
I had to use this saw that blew sparks all over. I didn't have an apron to cover
my nylon blouse and feet, so I found a surfboard cover.
It did the job.

The following Saturday, July 23rd, was fire-up day.

A happy driver should be going fast, very soon.

Julian Alvarez stopped by with his car. The original Creighton Hunter
roadster. Creighton put these eyes on the car and Dean Moon
asked if he could copy them for some stickers. The rest is history.

Almost ready to go.

The Team, Pat, Dennis, Roy, Mike and Donnie.