Sunday, August 19, 2012

Here are 4 short videos from our Speed Week trip. These were taken with my digital point and shoot camera, so it gets a little blurry at times. If you want to see pictures of Speed Week, go to the two previous blog posts below. The 777 Rear Engine Modified Roadster is now FOR SALE

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Speedweek 2012 - Team 777 Part 2

This is a picture of me on Weed's rusty bike, just before the storm on Friday.
 Our racing engineers managed to secure our Honey Bucket with the cable connected to the winch on the trailer. I'm SURE glad that thing didn't dump over in our pits.
 The Bonneville Salt Flats sign as you enter the salt. First 3 photos compliments of Dawna Marshall.

 Saturday was spent cleaning up and preparing to run on Sunday. The long course, #1, was closed after the storm, but they started running cars on course #'s 2-3 and 4 on Saturday after the driver's meeting. 
That's me on the right, Rick on the left.

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful, but very hot, day. The salt was mostly dry, but there was a section of wet halfway to the pits from lands end.
 Packing the chute in preparation for Sunday's racing.

 It's Sunday, we arrived early and put the car in line. Fired it up in line. Dennis is mentally preparing.

 NHRA Pro-Stock racer, Jason Line, was driving Wayne Jesel's pick-up truck. This was Jason's first time driving at Bonneville. He made his license runs on Saturday, and this was his qualifying run on Sunday.

Robby Cohn ready to run.
Head mechanic, Mike, showing off his shop apron with his Speedweek patches.
 Beck, Davidson, Cummins 911 Roadster.

Seth and Tanis Hammond's car. Daughter, Tegan, was driving going 299.895 MPH as of Monday.
Not sure if you noticed, but there is a FOR SALE sign on the roadster.

Almost to the starting line.
Owner Roy, and main wrench Mike, having a serious discussion. Just kidding around actually.
Roy looks much better than he feels. This was a tough Speedweek for him. He's fighting constant pain.
The run was a STINKER. Only went 226 mph. Turns out we have major problems.

Dawna and Kenny.
Back to the pits to figure out what went wrong. We took off all the body panels and then the second storm came by. This was was short-lived but it brought lightening right on the salt, along with strong winds. Luckily we can spot the impending doom and took down the tarps and put the body panels in the trailer, just in time. Our neighbors were not as lucky, as they were at the starting line. Their EZ-Up looks like a tangled mess. We did our best to secure their pits. I know - we're nice.
The guy in the hat is Rick. He's our new team member. A super nice and very helpful crew member. 
Pat Kinne couldn't make it, and we ALL MISSED YOU PAT!!!
Carl's and my good friend, Russ Deane, qualified for a record on Sunday. We were early on Monday morning to watch is record run. Carl is wishing Russ good luck on his run.
Nothing more beautiful than the Bonneville Salt Flats at sunrise.
These cars are lined up just outside the impound area, waiting to take the long drive up to the starting line and make their record runs.
The bike attached to the back of this roadster is making the record run.
This is how it looks. Always different. There was a foggy cloud cover, probably from the fires in the state. The salt flats had huge pressure ridges.
Breakfast at the Red Flame. That's Rick Stollo on the left, then Roy, Dennis, Carl F. across is Carl O, Donnie (hidden), Mike and Kenny.

Carl Fjastad
Back to the pits to figure out what's wrong with the car. Turns out to be bent valves.
I headed to the inspection tent, that's where you go when you back up your record. If you pass inspection, you hold the record.
Russ and his crew waiting for inspection. Broke the record going 226.574 Class F/PS. 
Congratulations Russ and crew.
Carl is inducting Russ into the Bonneville 200 MPH Club. This was a very special event for both guys.
Steve Gibbs congratulates Russ, who now wears the Red Hat!!

Steve Gibbs, Frank Bradley, Steve Hutchinson, Carl Olson and Russ Deane.

Back to the pits and time to relax. The car cannot be repaired on the salt. We'll see what next year brings. Who knows.....
Putting the car on the trailer, it's still Monday.
Interesting... all I have to say.
Fasting everything down for the long ride home.
Roy Lewis from Iowa, owner of Chassis Engineering, driving is diesel streamliner. He happened to pull our right in front of our pits. We all ran over to meet him.
Love his T-Shirt.
Roy Lewis and Roy Fjastad.

Looking at our pits from the return road. We were located just past the 4 Mile Marker. The long course was really close to the pits, we had to keep a watch in case a car was to get out of control, it could easily come to us. Actually a guy did come off the turn out from his run and drove right through our neighbors pits, I think he lost his brakes.

Cocktail hour. Carl, his bike, and Jack Daniels.

After we loaded up on Monday, I went with Carl, Mike, Kenny and Dennis to the 2-Club members meeting. It looks like Heaven opening up over the Tech Trailer.
New club member, Russ Deane, attending his first club meeting, looking sharp in his red hat and t-shirt.
During the meeting, another storm hit, shortening the meeting. This is Landsend Lynda, she is in charge of the road to enter the pits. Looks like she may get blown away.
Monday night dinner, after several cocktails. Carl and I were driving home the next morning. Rick was flying home out of Salt Lake City.
Glen Barrett came by to shoot the breeze with us. He is such a great man!!
We made it home in 10 hours, stopping in Las Vegas for a "Steak n Shake" lunch.
I plan to put together a video and will post to this blog site. It will take a few days, so keep checking back.
Kathy (and Carl, but he didn't do the photo work, just me, so I get the credit, OK! ha ha)