Saturday, August 11, 2012

Speedweek 2012 - Team 777 Part 1

I'm blogging from the KOA campground, the only place I can find Wi-Fi in Wendover. This will be the only blog post, until I do a re-cap from home after the event.

We had a nice drive up to Wendover on Wednesday morning, no problems, thank goodness. 

We were at the saltflats at 7 am on Thursday morning, set-up our pits and went directly to tech inspection. The car and driver passed so we headed back to our pits, then had lunch at the Salt Flats Cafe. Here's Roy, happy but exhausted.

Tech inspection.

On Friday we just hung around the pits and adjustments in preparation to go racing on Saturday. The weather was cloudy and windy, so we waited to put up the tarps on top.

Kenny Hoover and I drove up together with the team, that's my brother, Carl, in the background.

The wind picked up, so we packed up in anticipation of what might happen. The guys tied our port-a-potty to the car trailer with the wench cable. We've seen this scenario before, we're not rookies when it comes to a storm on the salt flats.

Roy tuned up the car while everyone else visited.

It looked good until around 3 pm.

Carl's buddy, Burt, came by to visit in his beautiful Model A Pick-up.

This is Roy's old front engine roadster. The guy from Texas brought it and it's ready to run. He's 6 ft 4 inches, so he had to move the seat back and build a new rollcage.

Then the storm hit!!! It ripped up pit canopies and blew parts and pieces way out of the pits, never to be found. Our neighbor didn't tie down their potty!!

By the time we drove out of the pits to the road, the salt flats was becoming a salt lake.

The poor people who were camping at the bend in the road.

Now it's Saturday morning, the rain has gone, the salt is wet. They may be able to run on the short courses, but not on the long course, so we won't be running today. Roy invented his portable car wash. All you need is a generator, a air compressor and a rolling water container. Or, you can drive through and pay someone $15, but what fun would that be.

That's all for this trip until I get back. You'll have to follow for updates.


Pat Kinne / 201salt said...

Kathy - Thanks for the update - a great running dialog for those left behind - Pat K.

Olle M. Elfqvist said...

As always it is very interesting to follow what happens to 777.
Best of luck to all of you.
Rgds Olle