Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Speedweek with 777

We wait at the 5 mile marker for Dennis to drive the 777 rear engine modified roadster through the final time traps. It can take quite a while waiting for each car to make a run.

Back at the pits the car gets worked on and friends visit. We go get lunch from the Red Flame to feed the crew. I brought the condiments, so we worked out a system to buy the burgers and bring them back to prepare them.

After the car drives through the 5 mile, we continue down the return road to about the 7 mile to help Dennis get out of the car. Bobby and Dawna are always right there as Dennis pull off of the course. They help him take off the helmet and neck restraint system and get out of the car. While we were at the end on this day, so many cars were running and pulling off right where we were.

Tuesday morning and in line to run again. The guys can't figure out why the car isn't going as fast as expected. There are lots of opinions!

In line to run on Tuesday 16th.

Mike makes a last check on things. 

Finished the pass, still not pulling the speeds. They expected 280 mph, but only made 265 (not a bad speed). 

Driver and owner are stumped. 

Grant and Shannon! 

Mike, Roy and Donnie. 

Wednesday morning, going to give it one more try. Carl made new exhaust pipes from some tubing he got from the Kiwi racers in the pits next to ours. Waiting in the gas line.

No line on Wednesday, you can push on up just about anytime when you're ready. 

The car went about 3 mph faster with the new exhaust, but still not good enough.
Pack it up and put it on the trailer.

Team picture with the auto timer. Shannon, Grant, Donnie, Mike, Carl F.,
Dennis, Pat, Roy, Bobby, Dawna and me. 


Shannon and Dawna. 

Back at the pits, Mike, Mikey and Art pose for a family snap-shot.

A young man who lived on Art's street as a younster, stopped by to show him his old car.

Perfect opportunity for Shannon to bring out her drawings of Art Chrisman. He was so gracious to take the time to sign everyone's art. And it was blazing hot at the time.

Art and Mike, buds!

The car was cleaned up and put on the trailer. The pits were torn down and packed away. Each vehicle headed downtown to the do-it-yourself car wash, to remove most of the salt from under the cars and trucks.

Wednesday evening was the Bonneville 200 MPH Club Banquet. It was the inaugural induction of the 400 MPH Chapter. There were 12 new inductees that had gone over 400 MPH. Al Teague was there to accept for himself and also for Bob Summers. Al with Roy and Art.

Roy with his two bestest buddies, Pat and Mike Kinne.

Pat introduced Art Chrisman as one of the original members of the 2-club. 
We headed home on Thursday morning at 6 am.
We stopped for dinner at Peggy Sue's Diner.
No problems on the drive home, so that was a great day.

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