Sunday, August 22, 2010

Speedweek 2010 Team 777

If you have the time, I have the pictures. At the end of this blog is a 13 minute YouTube video of our trip to Bonneville. You can click on the pictures to make them larger, then click again for really large ones.
Approaching the Bonneville Salt Flats off in the distance. Carl and I drove up on Friday, the rest of the team arrived on Wednesday evening so they could get a pit area and tech the car.

Saturday morning, dad's old streamliner is now the Spectre Liner, owned by Amir Rosenbaum. It's a fast car.

The Kinne Brothers, Mike and Pat.

After Pat's first pass, Saturday, 260 mph.

Pat made 2 more passes, the last one was a half-spin at 263 mph just before the 5 mile marker, pulled the chute and the car straightened right out. I saw it with my own eyes and was very impressed with his quick response. Not many people have driven backwards at 263 mph.

Carl with the "Fastest Woman at the Salt Flats", Tanis Hammond. She set a new record at 323 mph.

This is the Hammond Lakester.

Dawna and Bobby, they are there at the end of the run and tow the race car off to the return road.

Monday, Dennis is the driver.

Going to run on the combo course, which is the center course and times to the 3 mile and to the 5 mile. The long course is not good any longer and cars are spinning out much too often.

Roy and his life long buddy Pat.

Roy and his goofy looking daughter, Kathy.

Roy and eldest son, Carl.

Waiting at the 5 mile on the combo course. It provided a great view of the mountains.

Monday, Dennis drove on the combo course, pulled the chute at the 4 mile.

Tuesday morning's drive to the salt flats, passing the Intrepid plant, AKA the Killer of the Bonneville Salt Flats. They mine all the salt away for potash.

Sunrise at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Our crew watching record runs from our pit area which happens to be right on the 4 mile. Cars are at a fast pace going through here, it is also the place where all the spins happen.

My "Photo of the Event".

Mike working on the car for the next run.

Carl, practicing for the X-Games.

Back on the long course on Tuesday, they moved the course.

In line to run on Tuesday.

Me and Jimmy Shine. He broke a couple of records this week in the Jesel roadster.

Steve Davis and Carl O.

Roy waiting to run.

Team Picture!!! Dennis qualified for a record at 274 mph.

Wednesday morning in impound at 5:45 AM.

Carl, Jim Miller and Pat.

Warming up the car for a record run.

Carl and I and the sunrise, photo taken by Tanis Hammond.

Carl is helping the sun to rise.

Pulling out to drive up to the starting line.

Warming the car for the record run.

Driver - Dennis
Pressure ridges.
After the run........
Not good, broke the motor.
Time to clean up the car and pack it up and go home on Thursday.
This is a 13 minute video of our race week. There's no video of the runs as I use a different camera for those, and cannot put them up on Youtube.
Until next year...
Signing off, Kathy and Team 777

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fire Up Day - Speedweek Ready

The team met up at the Full-Bore shop to fire up the roadster and to test out the nitrous system.

This is a video of the day, around 8 minutes long, so pour yourself a cocktail and have a look.
Pat will drive first off in the gas class. Then, Dennis will get in and Nitrous will be used.

Mike brought a car for Roy to get around in, but his legs were too long.
We'll follow up after Speedweek with pictures.